Ecdoh (Eastern Cape Department of Health) Vacancies


Ecdoh (Eastern Cape Department of Health) Vacancies

The Eastern Cape Department of Health is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

Ecdoh’s mission is to provide and ensure accessible comprehensive integrated services in the Eastern Cape, emphasizing the primary health care approach, optimally utilizing all resources to enable all its present and future generations to enjoy health and quality of life.

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Ecdoh Internships

The Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDOH) is offering 560 internships opportunities for a period of (24 months).

It is opened for unemployed graduates from Higher Education Institutions (Universities) who have completed their Degrees or 3 year National Diplomas and who have not been exposed to Public Service work related to the field of study that they have completed.

This will be a Work-Based Structured approach to Experiential Learning related to an occupation with an aim to acquire competencies and experience in the related fields.

Applicants who are suitable qualified are hereby invited encouraged to apply.

Remuneration for the Internship programme is a stipend of R5 320 per month (24 months)

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