Department of Social Development (DSD) Vacancies


Department of Social Development Vacancies 2019

The vision of the Department of Social Development (DSD) is to transform our society by building conscious and capable citizens through the provision of comprehensive, integrated and sustainable social development services.

The mission of the Department of Social Development are as follows:

  • The people we serve come first in performing our duties.
  • We will ensure equity and freedom from discrimination and harassment in the workplace and in the services provided by our department.
  • We will work in partnership with the people we serve and with other stakeholders.
  • We will use the resources entrusted to us, to deliver on the Government’s priorities in the most efficient, effective and innovative ways.
  • We will be transparent and accountable for our decisions, actions, and performance.
  • We will share our knowledge and expertise with other departments and broader welfare sector and learn from them.
  • In performing our duties; we will uphold the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, the laws governing the public service and the Code of Conduct for the Public Service.

The Department has the following primary core functions:

  • Management and oversight over social security, encompassing social assistance and social insurance policies that aim to prevent and alleviate poverty in the event of life cycle risks such as loss of income due to unemployment, disability, old age or death occurring.
  • Developmental social welfare services that provide support to reduce poverty, vulnerability and the impact of HIV and AIDS through sustainable development programmes in partnership with implementing agents such as State-funded institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and Faith-Based Organisations (FBOs).

HowTo Apply

Visit DSD’s official website to find available vacancies.
Department of Social Development Vacancies 2019 is open to South Africa who satisfies the below requirements:

  • Be South African Citizen
  • Be able to speak English, the local language is highly required since you will be working with people
  • Have Matric
  • Be willing to relocate if the need arises
  • Should have a fair knowledge of the department’s activities