South African Air Force (Pilots / Navigators/ Engineers) Recruitment


South African Air Force-SAAF (Pilots / Navigators/ Engineers) Recruitment for 2020 is currently open for applications. Recruitment into SAAF is done through the MSDS – Military Skills Development System

The Military Skills Development System(MSDS)is a Department of Defence initiative that has been implemented since 2003.

The MSDS serves as the entry platform for young South Africans who seek a career in the South African National Defence Force.

Prospective applicants must have a Grade 12 qualification and be between 18 and 22 years old, or a Diploma with at least three (3) years tertiary qualification or a Degree to the age of 26 years.

Selected applicants join the South African National Defence Force through the MSDS for an initial period of two year’s voluntary service, during which they will receive military training and further functional training.

Further functional training includes a wide variety of options, varying from specialized mastering in Engineering to general support mastering as Material Support Clerks.

Training for all MSDS members commences with Basic Military Training, during which basic military skills and discipline are taught.

This is followed by a further selection process during which members can apply for junior leader training as officers or non-commissioned officers.

After having completed their military formative training, members proceed to undertake functional training in any one of the specialist occupations.

Selected members with the required academic qualifications are also sent to universities or the Military Academy.

Towards the end of the second year (unless otherwise indicated), the member will be given the opportunity to indicate whether he or she would like to extend the contract or leave the Air Force.

An extension of the contract will mainly depend on the member’s performance over the two years and the availability of posts in the relevant functional field.

Most of these members continue to serve in the Regular component of the SANDF after having completed their functional training and tertiary studies, where applicable.

Others are obliged to render service in the Defence Reserves if they are not translated to the Core Service System.

MSDS General Entry Requirements